Building Communities and Surviving Together part 3

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This is finally the last part of the series that began in January.

We will listen to Helena Norberg-Hodge, the world’s leading localizer famous for the movie “The Economics of Happiness,” and the next generation of practitioners and activists. And let us think about how we can develop and disseminate localization and ecovillage activities from Japan.

Finally, we will celebrate the finale and a new beginning with messages from all the speakers who took the stage in February.

What we have seen through these three months of planning is the brightness and strength of community building and community development in Japan, where so many people are trying to live hand in hand, connected by love and trust, while staying close to their communities.

The people who come together for this project are people who are ahead of the time and are developing grounded activities in various regions all over Japan

I can’t tell you how many people have been encouraged by this, and in response, we at GEN-Japan are trying to firmly nurture this platform.

Let’s gather our wisdom and strength, and together, from Japan and connected to the world, let’s bring back to our feet a society where we can live a truly human life!

Date and time: Friday, March 19, 19:00 – 21:00
Saturday, March 20, 10:00 – 12:30

Fee: General 2500 yen / Students and GEN-Japan members 1000 yen
For those who have participated in either the first or second series, general admission only: 2000 yen
Even if you can’t attend, we will distribute the video to everyone for a limited viewing period.

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If you can’t make it, we will send you the video for a limited time.

March 19th  the first day
19:00 Acknowledgements  Hiroko katayama GEN-Japan
19:10  What is “World Localization Day in July” ?
Helena Norberg= Hodge will give her speech with consecutive  interpretation (total 40 min)
19:50 Introduction of the activities of Local Future
Henley Coleman (Local Future) with consequtive interpretation


20:10 Talking sessions ” How to foster local movements in the future ?”

20:10 Talk Session – How to foster local movements in the future
     Shinichi Tsuji, Sawyer Kai, Hiroko Katayama

March 20: From Japan to the World with younger generations
(Facilitator) Sawyer Kai
10:00 Greeting
Henley Coleman (Local Future )
Ngothao Kin (Vietnam NextGEN GENOA)
Shan Wang  (China GEN-Japan) 
Ryu Kishinami (Japan, As One Suzuka Community)
Consecutive interpretation 

11:00 Talk Session – Let’s sail together to the world!
     Shinichi Tsuji, Sawyer Kai , Masashi Ono,
                   Azumi Nozaki, Hiroko Katayama
12:00 Message from each region to the world
Misumi Ecovillage: Shink Kudo, Itoshima Projent;
Yoshihiro Fujii, Tawarayama Guest House Project;
Daisuke Yoshitake, Umikaze; Kento Itoh, Kamogawa
Project; Yoshiki Hayashi, Transition Nagoya; Azumi
Nozaki, Share House Youkodai;Hirotaka Toya, Dahna
Village; Minori Ogawasing

12:30 Closing


第3弾 コミュニティをつくって、みんなで生き抜こう!

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Building Communities and Surviving Together!

ヘレナ・ノーバーグ=ホッジ & 辻信一 & ソーヤー海

Henry Colman     Ngothao Kin  Wang Shan  小野雅司  野崎あずみ
工藤シンク 藤井芳広、吉武大輔、林良樹、伊藤研人、戸谷浩陸、小川美農里





日 時:3月19日(金)19:00~21:00

参加費:一般 2500円 / 学生・GEN-Japan会員 1000円 
    シリーズ第1弾、第2弾どちらかにご参加の方は 一般のみ 2000円


▼3月19日 コミュニティをつくって、みんなで生き抜こう!
19:00 挨拶
19:10 ヘレナ・ノーバーグ=ホッジ(Local Futures創設者代表)
19:50 ヘンリー・コールマン(Local Futureプロジェクト・コーディネーター)
20:10 トークセッション ~これからローカルの動きをどう育てるか~
      辻信一 ソーヤー海 片山弘子
21:00 クロージング

▼3月20日 若者たちとともに日本から世界へ
10:00 挨拶
10:10 Ngothao Kin(ベトナム /NextGEN and GENOA)
     王 山(Wang Shan)(中国 /GEN-Japan) 
     ヘンリー・コールマン(オーストラリア /Local Future)
              岸浪龍(日本 /アズワン鈴鹿コミュニティ)
11:00 トークセッション ~これから世界に向けて 一緒にあゆもう~
     辻信一 ソーヤー海 小野雅司 野崎安澄 片山弘子
12:00 各地から世界へ ひと言メッセージ
12:30   クロージング