Preparations 2 for Gaia from Fumimin, Secretariat

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Today we went to preview the Mie spo inn, a sports garden that will be the lodging venue for Gaia Youth starting in March.
Each room is equipped with a bathroom and toilet, just like a hotel, and there’s even a natural hot spring.
It looks quite comfortable.

At Gaia Youth, we do fieldwork mainly in the Suzuka Satoyama, an important ecological zone certified by Suzuka City.
We will be able to talk from the heart based on “dialogue and inquiry.

This is the kind of program.

I think many people have given up or become indifferent to the current society even though they have doubts about it.

Instead of trying to change the current society, there is a trend to create a new society.

The future of our planet is not yet in vain!
A UNESCO-certified SDGs education program
It may sound very difficult, but
But through the program
you will become aware of things that you have taken for granted in the past.

And by listening to nature and feeling the harmony of people
You will awaken to the “naturalness of the global age.
Rather than deepening your knowledge
It’s more about deepening your inner self.

Of course, you can also learn skills from our wonderful instructors.
In addition, you will receive a diploma from Gaia Education.
You can also put it on your resume as a qualification.
I think it’s pretty good for students.

After the tour of the lodgings, we went to the Community Collaboration Division of Suzuka City Hall.
Suzuka City is very supportive of this kind of initiative.
They’ve decided to publicize it in various places.
It’s very reassuring to have the support of the government!

A scene from the explanation of Gaia Youth at the Community Collaboration Division of City Government


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3月6日(日) 14:00-16:30

一般 1500円  ​GEN-Japan会員1000円  学生 500円


GEN-Japan主催のイベント参加費は、これからの新しいコミュニティをづくりのための勉強会や、世界のエコビレッジネットワークFriend of GENに寄付させていただいています。


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未来に向かうコミュニティづくり ​Part.2 実践編



GEN-Japan News Vol.5

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