ScienZ Method

Dearest Gerone!

I am sincerely pleased to know you are much interested in the ScienZ Method course in Switzerland !  You are now very near to the venue, arn’t you?

I would like to introduce you to Mr. Masashi Ono and Ms. Marceline. You can contact them

This year, the second grade course in German will be held in Switzerland in August, but I recommend you to stay there to meet the trainers, Mr. Masashi Ono (Japanese) and Ms. Marceline (Swiss) will stay there after the German course end. 

Masashi Ono , my close friend, is a main member of the innovation team of the Method, based on 19 years research through Community manifesting of As One Network Suzuka Community in Japan, But also he has given the lectures at a university and EDE courses in Japan and Brasil. He has been instructing people in the ScienZ School Courses in Japan, Korea and Brazil for long years.
I talked about you and your will to him
I really hope you will meet him directly.

Marceline, she is one of my close friends, She can speak in English, French, Japanese, Portuguese and some others.

I really would like to talk with you soon, on our mutual dream which will be solved from human problems. We will be able to free from belief system in our brain to fix just idea as facts by misunderstanding on human

I wish that the first grade course will be held in Europe soon.
See you soon!!

Sincerely yours
Hiroko Katayama