GEN-Japan News Vol.5英語バージョンを配信

投稿日: カテゴリー: メルマガ

The world today seems to be dominated by unpredictable news. 
Russian forces launched a massive military operation in Ukraine on February 24th. But in truth, no one wants to fight. 
I think it is sure that almost all people truly want to believe the potential of humanity, in the hope of restoring humanity and creating a society, in which every one can live without any conflicts.

From this month, GEN-Japan will start with a serial report about the process of As One community building. Since 2001, it has started challenging a model society creation, based on research and trials from zero, in which all people can live without any conflicts and in harmony with nature
This approach does not answer the direct solution of the present problems we face now, and so people may say it is like a useless dreamscape. 
However, I believe that it will be a very important reference information and asset for people, what they have experienced, discovered, and realized in the 20-year process.

We will keep bring you the news on how the movement toward a new society continues to evolve and deepen in Japan and around the world.